What is “Double-Loop” Coaching?

In recent years, interest in coaching has grown significantly and a number of techniques have been explored. But what is “double-loop coaching”? Author Robert Witherspoon delves into this unique approach to coaching in his article, “Double-Loop Coaching for Leadership Development” from the September issue of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.

The abstract:

This article explores a distinctive coaching approach designed to help leaders learn about how they think in action, and then apply that learning to improve their performance and leadership. The particular focus of this approach is on JABS_v50_72ppiRGB_powerpointthe way that leaders think about, or frame key situations—and specifically how this thinking can powerfully shape their acting and results. I call this double-loop coaching (DLC), drawing on the distinction coined by Chris Argyris between single- and double-loop learning. The essence of DLC is the idea that the way leaders act and the results they create begin with the way they think. With actual coaching cases that apply this approach, this article suggests ways leaders can better connect their thinking and their action to increase their chances of success, especially when important matters are at stake among parties with different perspectives.

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