The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science Celebrates 50 Years!

fireworks-3-872452-mThe Journal of Applied Behavioral Science is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! Since 1965, The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science has continually broken ground in its exploration of group dynamics, organization development, and social change. The journal has provided scholars the best in research, theory, and methodology, while also informing professionals and clients of issues in group and organizational dynamics.

Editor William A. Pasmore wrote in his introduction to the Fiftieth Anniversary Special Issue:

Every issue of Journal of Applied Behavioral Sciences (JABS) is special, and all special issues are, of course, very special. That makes this 50th year anniversary JABS_v50_72ppiRGB_powerpointspecial issue very, very special indeed. For the past half century, JABS has been the voice of scholars with a concern for the practical significance of their work and for practitioners who have the courage to put their ideas through the test of rigorous research. Born of the need to have an outlet for groundbreaking work in the areas of organizational and societal transformation, the National Training Laboratories (NTL) commissioned the Journal of Applied Behavioral Sciences to be the voice of its members and others who participated in this quest. Since then, JABS has retained its fundamental purpose and focus, although its tenor has evolved and continues to do so.

In honor of this momentous milestone, you can read the the Fiftieth Anniversary Special Issue of The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science free for the next 30 days! Click here to view the Table of Contents. Want to know about all the research and news like this from The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science? Click here to sign up for e-alerts!

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