The January 2016 Issue of Journal of Management Inquiry is Now Online!


The January 2016 issue of Journal of Management Inquiry is now available and free to read for the next 30 days. This issue offers a range of interesting topics, including articles that delve into corruption, the future of organizational learning research, and writing practices of academics.

Also included in the January issue is an article by Royston Greenwood, entitled “OMT, Then and Now,” which delves into the evolution of organization and management theory (OMT) practices from the 1970s to current practices. The article highlights the positive growth OMT has seen over the past 40 years, as well as the increasingly formulaic presentation of OMT research. The abstract:

This paper provides an overview comparison of how organization and management theory was practised 40 years ago with how it is done today. We are a much larger and more international community and our work has advanced in many excellent ways. However, an important difference is the nature of expectations placed upon scholars – which has led to narrow lines of research and overly formulaic ways of presenting results.

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