Strategic Contracting and Negotiation Journal Seeks Top Paper

JSCAN coverThe Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation, which launched last year as the official journal of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, is offering a £2,000 prize for its debut Best Paper Award.

All peer-­reviewed papers published in each volume will be considered for the award by the journal’s editors and a panel of editorial board members. The shortlisted papers will be announced on the journal’s website as well as via IACCM. The winning paper will be announced at the IACCM Academic Forum and during the Academy of Management annual meeting in August.

In  selecting  the  winner,  the  panel  will  reflect  on  how  well  the  paper  meets  the journal’s ambitions, aims and objectives in relation to strategic contracting and negotiations. In particular we will judge the papers relevance to strategy, as well as its quality of theoretical and/or practical implications.

The journal primarily focuses on:

  • Works that  advance  understanding  of  contracting  and  negotiation  as  relational process,  including  but  not  limited  to  work  that  considers  power  and  politics,  trust, human relations, rules, and ethics in contracting and/or negotiation.
  • Works that  advance  the  strategic  role  of  contracting  and  negotiation  in  terms  of commercial outcomes, and performance.
  • Works that  especially  engage  social  theory  to  explain  the  role  of  negotiations  and contracting in and on society, ecology and economies.
  • Works that are empirically and theoretically sound, exciting and diverse and advance our understanding  of  the  strategic  importance  and  impact  of  contracting  and negotiation on interpersonal, national and international society, ecology and economy.

The panel will also consider the technical quality of the paper, such as methods, and factors such as innovation, significance to the research and practice community, impact, and the clarity of presentation.

For more information on the Best Paper Award, click HERE or visit the journal’s website.

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