Introducing the Journal of Workplace Rights!

Journal of Workplace Rights[We’re pleased to welcome Joel Rudin. Joel is the Editor for the Journal of Workplace Rights, a SAGE Open journal that is dedicated to the proposition that human rights should not be compromised by employers. Here’s a little more information about the journal from Joel.]

Welcome to the Journal of Workplace Rights. We are dedicated to the enhancement of the rights of workers, and we define both rights and workers as broadly as possible. Our journal is unique in several ways.

One example is that we do not attempt to strike a balance between the interests of workers and employers as we are only interested in the rights of workers. For instance, when we get first drafts of workplace bullying papers there are usually references to the organizational costs of workplace bullying such as reduced productivity. I tell the authors to delete those references because employers shouldn’t be allowed to bully workers even if it costs employers money to eliminate workplace bullying.

We also have our own review process. Your first draft goes to me and I request changes before it goes to the reviewers. One commonly requested change is to conclude with interesting suggestions that could improve the rights of workers. You would be surprised how many first drafts we get that identify a workplace injustice and propose no remedies. The next draft goes to the reviewers, and the manuscript editor has at the final draft. It can be a speedy review process from start to finish but it usually requires at least two revisions.

Perhaps the most special thing about the Journal of Workplace Rights is that the journal is not as new as it may seem. We published about 125 papers before we joined the SAGE family, and those articles are now freely available, along with about twenty recent papers. It’s a great catalog that anybody who is interested in workplace rights should explore. It features authors from every continent except Antarctica and every workplace right you can think of plus some that you have never thought of. Please feel free to use anything from the catalog for your teaching and research purposes, and please consider us as a publication outlet for your papers about workplace rights.

Any questions about anything related to the journal may be directed to me at

Interested in submitting to the Journal of Workplace RightsLearn about the journal’s submission guidelines and how to submit your work by clicking here.

You can also read past articles published by the Journal of Workplace Rights by clicking here.

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