Book Review: The Biological Foundations of Organizational Behavior

Stephen Colarelli, Richard Arvey , eds.: The Biological Foundations of Organizational Behavior. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015. 364 pp. $120.00, hardcover.

Will Drover recently reviewed this book in Administrative Science Quarterly. From the review:

This edited volume hits the mark as a timely, thoughtful collection of chapters that lay a conceptual and empirical foundation for applying the biological sciences to organizational behavior. A unique subdiscipline of biology is addressed in each chapter by preeminent organizational scholars, all of whom have expertise in the biological areas they address. The chapters are structured in broad sections that focus on distinct aspects of biology or levels of analysis, addressing how each can be leveraged to advance the field of organizational behavior.

…A theme of cautious optimism is woven through the chapters. The potential impact Current Issue Coverof biology in organizational behavior is made clear, yet contributors also recognize that such cross-disciplinary study is not a silver bullet. In the course of their chapter, Scott Shane and Nicos Nicolaou succinctly capture the essence of this spirit: “Biological factors influence all aspects of human behavior and are solely responsible for none of them” (p. 73). Thus the text elucidates many profitable ways that biology can advance the field of organizational behavior but also recognizes that the biological perspective represents only part of the equation.

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