Archived Webinar: Who Decides What is a World-Class University?

How do we decide what is a world-class university? Who decides? How do they decide? In this free webinar, the role of university rankings in the global higher education market is explored. There is a plethora of studies about the substantive methodological flaws of major rankings. There are studies that point to their colonial underpinnings and corporate interest. There are studies that suggest rankings have undue influence on educational policy. Yet there are also studies that indicate the influence of rankings are only increasing.

In this archived webinar, Social Science Space blogger Michelle L. Stack, associate professor in the Department of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia, and author of Global University Rankings and the Mediatization of Higher Education,  draws on her research to discuss the ideology behind what makes one university world class and another not.

And be sure to read Michelle’s pieces on university rankings as they appear here on Social Science Space.

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Thank you for sharing, although I graduated from a ordinary university which is not well known.

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