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Report: Putting the Academic Freedom Index into Action

“Free Universities: Putting the Academic Freedom Index Into Action,” a report released by the Global Public Policy Institute in March, works as part of an effort to put the Academic Freedom Index (AFi) into action.

2 years ago
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Universities Are More than Their Score in Rankings Tables

Lizzie Gadd argues that any commitment to responsible research assessment needs to include action on global university rankings. She argues universities should unite around the principle of being ‘much more than their rank.’

2 years ago
University of Otago, NZ

University Rankings Distract From Higher-Education Reform

University rankings might claim to provide an index through which students, faculty, and the general public might ascertain a number of things: the quality of education provided by an institution, the potential for networking at an institution, the breadth and depth of research being performed at an institution, and more. The institutional quest towards topping the university rankings can, however, derail efforts towards the improvement of society and higher education at large.

4 years ago
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What’s ‘World Class’ About University Rankings?

Higher education is a globally competitive market and institutions with a high rank can claim exceptionalism that brings in students and funding, acknowledges our Michelle Stack. But are rankings genuinely useful for students or for research?

6 years ago

Which University Rankings Should You Trust?

There are at least 12 university rankings that claim to be global, and in this video Michelle Stack focuses on the big three — the Times Higher Education, QS, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities. She asks what does being a “top-ranked” university mean to students? And who decides this ranking anyway?

7 years ago
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The Politics of Knowledge Mobilization

When universities make note of how they ‘mobilize knowledge,’ they tend to focus on a select group of activities for an equally select audience. That’s a disservice.

8 years ago