Archived Webinar: Teaching Ethics in Research Methods

Author of SAGE textbook “Introduction to Educational Research,” and TEDx lecturer Dr. Craig A. Mertler draws on his 32 years of experience as an educator (22 of those in higher education) to discuss teaching Ethics in Research Methods:

“Teaching ethics and ethical behaviors as part of research methods courses to me is not difficult content, its vitally important, but i do think that getting graduate students and novice researchers even undergraduate students possibly to understand the importance of ethical behavior in conducting research is very difficult. I think that one of the reasons we see that happen… is that ethics and ethical behavior of researchers is such a contextualized issue that even though we can talk about such [situations]… once you put them with in a context they become much more complicated and convoluted. When dealing with collecting data and research, with human participants, nothing is standardize, everything is different and situations are unique; and that is were often the challenge comes, in terms of getting our students to understand how things play out in a research setting.” – Craig Mertler

In this webinar Craig Mertler goes through teaching methods and ways to help educators better help students understand the concepts of collecting data through research. The presentation is followed by an audience question and answer session.

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