Month: July 2023

Photo of a cafe worker in a yellow apron leaning against the counter and looking back at some frowning customers.

Customer Incivility: A Call for Constructive Resistance

Conventional wisdom suggests that frontline employees should appease uncivil customers to resolve the unpleasant situation as quickly as possible and minimize the distraction and associated damage. However, this approach has not been effective in reducing or stopping customer incivility.

2 months ago
Chart outlining routine assessment, validation and reporting of research security analytics

NSF Guidelines Amidst Foreign Threats To Research Security

Reflecting concerns that foreign governments have illicitly obtained research developed by the United States, posing threats to research security and hindering international collaboration, the National Science Foundation released “NSF Guidelines for Research Security Analytics.”

2 months ago
Actor wearing goggles views enormously bright light shining in through porthole-type window

Oppenheimer: Science, Culture and Politics

The new film ‘Oppenheimer’ offers several interesting views of the scientific endeavor that resonate as much in the social sciences and the humanities as in the physical sciences.

2 months ago

Musical Ways of Knowing

Our long-time blogger David Canter considers what he has learned while completing his PhD in music composition. He spent a lifetime as a social scientist, requiring every argument to be bolstered by some form of empirical evidence, or at least a supportive citation from the works of others. The contrast of developing an approach to composing music that can be regarded as ‘a contribution to knowledge’, has made him aware that there are many ways of knowing which scientists, especially social scientists and psychologists, ignore at their peril.

3 months ago
Scary silhouette of knife-wielding attacker

True Crime: Insight Into The Human Fascination With The Who-Done-It

Half of Americans say they enjoy true crime — stories portraying real-life instances of murder, kidnapping and other shocking crimes — and 35 percent say they consume true crime content at least once a week. Why are people, especially women, so fascinated with the genre, and how does interest in the who-done-it affect consumers’ thoughts and behaviors

3 months ago