Brian Richardson

Brian Richardson joined the University of Noth Texas faculty in 2001 as an assistant professor and was promoted to associate professor in 2008. He received his doctorate in communication studies from the University of Texas at Austin (2001), his master’s degree from Louisiana Tech University in Human Relations and Supervision (1992), and his bachelor’s degree in communication from Lamar University (1991). He specializes in crisis communication, whistleblowing, and sports communication.

Cartoon of man blowing whistle with numerous knives at his back

The Emotional Toll of Whistleblowing on Family Identity

Brian Richardson, an associate professor at the University of North Texas and specialist in crisis communication and whistleblowing research, discusses the impacts of whistleblowing on familial relationships and answers questions about his paper “Death Threats don’t Just Affect You, They Affect Your Family”: Investigating the Impact of Whistleblowing on Family Identity

10 months ago