Cameron Neylon

freedom versus responsibility graph

Freedom’s Just Another Word for … Responsibilities

The right of academic freedom are often called upon, but the responsibilities of that same freedom are less often summoned. In the wake of Goffman and Hunt, Bohannan and Stapel, it’s time to rectify that imbalance.

8 years ago

Don’t Fence Me In: The Bogus Walls Between Disciplines

‘I am whoever I want to be,’ insistsCameron Neylon. ‘You don’t get to define my value. The real question is whether the filters you apply are good enough to tell when I have something to say that is useful for you to hear.’

8 years ago

OA and the UK Humanities & Social Sciences

The opportunity for H&SS to reach much wider audiences who appreciate the value of their work generally, and to reach those specific people who will make important use of it is enormous.

10 years ago