Daniela Duca

Daniela Duca is a product manager for SAGE Ocean, collaborating with startups to help them bring their tools to market. Before joining SAGE, she worked with student and researcher-led teams that developed new software tools and services, providing business planning and market development guidance and support. She designed and ran a 2-year program offering innovation grants for researchers working with publishers on new software services to support the management of research data.

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The Monotony of Transcription: Who’s Revolutionizing the Process?

Transcribing can be a pain, and although recent progress in speech recognition software has helped, it remains a challenge. Speech recognition programs, do, however, raise ethical/consent issues: what if person-identifiable interview data is transcribed or read by someone who was not given the consent to do so? Furthermore, some conversational elements aren’t transcribed well by pattern recognition programs.

3 years ago

Social Scientists Working with LinkedIn Data

Today, researchers are using LinkedIn data in a variety of ways: to find and recruit participants for research and experiments to analyze how the features of this network affect people’s behavior and identity or how data is used for hiring and recruiting purposes.

4 years ago

VR in Social Science Research: Future or Fad?

In February SAGE Ocean ran an enthralling event experience. Three panelists, two hosts and about 20 attendees all put their headsets on from their labs, offices and homes to join a virtual classroom decorated with trees, a castle, a slightly scary tiger and a hippo, to talk about the future of VR in social science research.

4 years ago

VR: The Future of Experimental Social Research?

Virtual Reality technology is opening previously locked doors to researchers in the social sciences. But how viable is it really as a research tool? We take a look back over the history of experimental research in human perception and response to consider the future of VR in experimental design.

4 years ago

Social Scientists Connect with LinkedIn Data

Linked In is a potential treasure trove for researchers, but it has limitations on both how much data to use and how to obtain it. But a since 2017 the company has been offering teams of researchers a chance to explore its riches.

5 years ago