Hashem ElAssad

Hashem ElAssad is a University of Toronto psychology graduate with Honors. Using his research and analytical skills, he prepares content for Talentology Training’s services and products (workshops, lectures). Research for Hashem is an obsession, seeking after a very specific or hard-to-find item, such as concepts or theories, is a skill that he not only enjoys, but finds difficult to stop once started. Learn more about Hashem visit his blog: https://paradoxicallyparadoxical.wordpress.com/

Zoom-in vs Zoom-out: Resources for the Generalist-Specialist Trade-Off

Hashem ElAssad argues that the failure to appreciate the trade-off that comes with an espoused view is doing harm to the public. The specialization vs generalization debate is no exception to this. The aim of this article is to provide quality resources exploring whether or not specializing in a trade or generalizing in multiple is a better route.

4 years ago