James Allen-Robertson

Digital Sociologist interested in the relationship between humans and technology, digital cultures, and in the development of new digital methods using data science. James joined Essex in 2013 after working an administrative position with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge. Whilst with the Faculty he set up theCambridge-INET Instituteas its founding Administrator, and managed the faculty's research grants and submission to REF 2014.

Computational Social Science: A New Way of Working and Thinking

The ability to work with digital research methods and data analysis is opening up a whole new world of research potential for social scientists. No one knows this better than Digital Sociologist Dr. James Allen-Robertson from the University of Essex. For him, these new techniques have enabled multiple interdisciplinary research collaborations and a whole new world of funding and professional opportunities.

Here, James tells us how computational social science has given him and his research output a new lease of life.

4 years ago