Martin Weller

Martin Weller is professor of educational technology at the Open University. His interests are in digital scholarship, open education and impact of new technologies. He is the author of The Digital Scholar and Battle for Open, which are available under an open access licence. He is also co-editor of the open access journal, JIME, director of the OER Research Hub, president of ALT, and ICDE Chair in OER.

Higher Education’s COVID-19 Online Pivot: Students

Most of the articles and advice out there about quickly switching to online education in the wake of COVID-19 is aimed at educators, but we should bear in mind that it is an unfamiliar experience for many students, too.

3 years ago
25 years of edtech cover remixed

Higher Education’s COVID-19 Online Pivot: Institutions

The outbreak of COVID-19 has seen many universities closing campuses and shifting learning online. It’s unprecedented and suddenly puts ed tech front and center in a way it hasn’t been before. For those of us who have been doing online learning or distance ed for a while it can seem a bit irritating to have been seen as second class for so long and then suddenly deemed worthy of interest. So here’s some useful bits for those without that pedigree.

3 years ago