Nicki Lisa Cole

Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph.D. is a public sociologist and writer committed to the critical address of social, economic, and environmental inequalities. She is the Sociology Expert for, where she regularly contributes sociological content, and the founder and head writer of 21 Century Nomad, a blog that features writing on inequalities produced by global capitalism and consumerism, and includes commentary on other pressing issues like racism and the climate crisis. Her writing has appeared in a variety of digital and print venues, including CounterPunch, Contexts, Sociological Images, Pacific Standard, The Sociological Cinema, Conducive Magazine, and Imagined Magazine. Her writing also appears in the edited volumes Censored 2014: Fearless Speech in Fateful Times, Consumer Culture, Modernity, and Identity, and in the journal Race, Class, and Gender.

Different color academic gowns

If You Want an Academic Mentor, Try to Be a White Guy

Grad sudents looking for a professor to be a mentor had a better chance of getting a positive response – or a response at all – if they were white and male, according to a new study that broke down findings by discipline and whether a school was public or private.

9 years ago