Hamish Robertson and Joanne Travaglia

Hamish Robertson is a geographer with experience in healthcare, including a decade in ageing research affiliated with the Centre for Health Services Management, University of Technology Sydney. He is currently completing his PhD on the geography of Alzheimer’s disease. Joanne Travaglia is a medical sociologist and professor and chair of health services management at the University of Technology Sydney. Her research addresses critical perspectives on health services management and leadership, with a focus on the impact of patient and clinician vulnerability and diversity on the safety and quality of care.

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How Do We Head Off the Collateral Damage of Big Data?

Hamish Robertson and Joanne Travaglia argue that big data quantification is now not only a mechanism for extracting information but has become an idea with social and political power in its own right. The lack of critique of quantitative methods and their application contributes to the existing and potentially coercive power of digital information systems and their attendant methods, and enhances the potential for collateral damage.

5 years ago