Tony Morgan and Lena Jaspersen

Tony Morgan is an experienced Innovation Leader who worked at IBM for over 20 years in senior client-facing roles including business unit Chief Innovation Officer and Innovation Centre Leader for a global bank. Tony used his experiences to create new innovation training courses in IBM and write a book focused on collaborative innovation aimed at employees and future leaders. Now, as an Associate Professor in Innovation Management Practice at Leeds University Business School, Tony works with students and companies to help them harness the power of innovation and Design Thinking approaches. Dr. Lena Jaspersen is an academic researcher who studies collaborative research and innovation at Leeds University Business School. Lena has co-authored several books on research methods and has published in leading academic journals. Together with Tony, Lena teaches students from across the university to develop their own innovation projects by engaging with industry leaders and policy makers.

The Benefits of Industry Inputs into University Teaching?

Universities do a great job of enabling their students to gain in-depth knowledge in core degree disciplines. An academic degree also demonstrates a student’s ability to learn to potential employers. This is an increasingly important attribute in an ever-changing world where job, careers and whole industries may come and go over the course of a lifetime.

6 months ago