Vanessa Schipani

Vanessa Schipani is a science journalist and philosopher of science. She’s written and photographed for publications such as The American Scholar, The Scientist, EARTH, EuroScientist and BioScience. In 2017, she finished an M.S. in the history and philosophy of science from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Shrimp on a treadmill

FactCheck: Means, Ends and Absurd Science

Rand Paul used the ol’ ‘shrimp-on-a-treadmill’ example to disparage the ability of the NSF and NIH to make wise grant decisions while promoting his bill to put a non-scientific ‘taxpayer advocate’ on science grant-making panels. That poor crustacean gets more exercise being trotted out on Capitol Hill than he ever did in David Scholnick’s lab.

5 years ago