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A Modicum of Common Sense Helps Interpret Open Access Publishing

No one ever assumed that everything in print was trustworthy, says Virginia Barbour, and neither should that be the case for open access content. Content is what matters – whether delivered by open access, subscription publishing, or a printed document.

7 years ago
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Unlocking the Real Cost of Gold OA

Are universities able to shoulder the costs of the open access transition, especially as the total cost of publishing is, for the moment, rising? Stephen Pinfield presents findings on the current state of institutional costs.

8 years ago
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My Experiences Launching an Open Access Journal

While preparing for a panel on the subject at APSA this week, political scientist Erik Voeten looks over the launch of the open access and peer-reviewed journal ‘Research & Politics’ and discusses the opportunities and challenges of this kind of publishing.

8 years ago
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An Open Invitation to OpenCon

Nick Shockey highlights OpenCon, a conference to take place in November aimed at mobilizing support around open access, open educational resources and open data among early career researchers. Funding has been made available to cover travel to attend the conference in Washington, D.C. but the deadline is Monday.

8 years ago

We Must Resist the Pressure to Be Interesting

Academic publishing creates incentives to simplify results, cull aberrations and focus on the exciting — often to the detriment of good research. Could more open access allows us to be good and boring?

9 years ago
U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz

Feds Make First Move to Enact Open Access Mandate

A year after the Office of Science and Technology Policy told the U.S. government to open up publicly funded research to the public for free, the first of 21 agencies covered has begun its program.

9 years ago
David Willetts

Will David Willetts Be Remembered For His OA Advocacy?

Now that Greg Clark, has begun his tenure as the new UK minister for universities, science, and cities, the London School of Economics Impact of Social Science blog asked for further reflections on the positions taken by previous minister, David Willetts. David Prosser of the Research Libraries UK covers the dramatic influence Willetts had on open access legislation and momentum in the UK.

9 years ago