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Is Doctor Who a Sociologist?

Doctor Who’s sobriquet implies he’s earned a doctorate in something. The Doctor’s not telling what he might have studied, but his actions and attitudes make a strong case for one discipline …

5 years ago

Tamiflu and the Ethics of the British Medical Journal

No one expected Tamiflu to be a wonder drug, but indications are that it’s moderately useful in fighting a serious public health threat. But that message was lost last week in an ill-starred rush to beat up on ‘wicked’ Big Pharma, argues Robert Dingwall.

6 years ago
2003 flood of Somerset Levels

Floods, Politics and Science: The Case of the Somerset Levels

Feel-good interventions that don’t provide a practical good, or at least one not supported by evidence, generate questions that hinge specifically on future responses to climate change and more broadly on government decision-making in general.

6 years ago

Why is the Study of Social Science So Critical to Our Future?

Engineer Jeff Patmore, former Head of Strategic University Research & Collaboration at British Telecom, explains why in the lead-up to the January 29 launch event for the “Impact of Social Sciences: How Academics and their Research Make a Difference,” published by SAGE.

6 years ago
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How Social Sciences are Converging with STEM

Much less is known about the development of the social sciences as a complete discipline group than about the science, technology, engineering and mathematics discipline group. Patrick Dunleavy, Simon Bastow  and Jane Tinkler set out some key findings from their new book, “The Impacts of the Social Sciences,” identifying five key trends that are causing the old social sciences versus physical science divide to dissolve.

6 years ago
Angus Deaton

Angus Deaton on Health and Inequality

Angus Deaton is a social scientist and the author of The Great Escape: Health, Wealth and the Origins of Inequality. His Princeton colleague, the philosopher Peter Singer, argues that aid is vital to combat the terrible mortality rates in some countries. Angus Deaton disagrees..

6 years ago
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