Building Metrics That Help, Not Hurt, Science

Rather than expecting people to stop utilizing metrics altogether, we would be better off focusing on making sure the metrics are effective and accurate, argues Brett Buttliere.

7 years ago

The Waves of the Metric Tide

While the initial splash made by ‘The Metric Tide,’ an independent review on the role of metrics in research assessment, has died down since its release last month, the underlying critique continues to make waves.

7 years ago
Snail on a ruller

Even an Imperfect Metrics Regime Has Value

Jane Tinkler argues that if institutions like HEFCE specify a narrow set of impact metrics, more harm than good would come to universities forced to limit their understanding of how research is making a difference. But, she adds, qualitative and quantitative indicators continue to be an incredible source of learning for how impact works.

7 years ago
Peer review

Q&A: Publons Aims to Enhance Peer Review

If the mental picture of peer review turned from it being a chore to it being a career-builder, it’s reasonable to think that all of academe might prosper. An interview with a co-founder of Publons, a company which aims to do just that.

7 years ago
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Report: Metrics Not Mature Enough to Replace Peer Review

A new report looking at the role of metrics in analyzing British academe finds, ‘A lot of the things we value most in academic culture resist simple quantification, and individual indicators can struggle to do justice to the richness and diversity of our research.’

7 years ago

Giving Reviewers Some Credit: The R-index

Peer review is flawed, and a new index proposes a simple way to create transparency and quality control mechanisms. Shane Gero and Maurício Cantor believe that giving citable recognition to reviewers can improve the system by encouraging more participation but also higher quality, constructive input, without the need for a loss of anonymity.

7 years ago

When Chasing Prestige Becomes the Prize

A survey by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics suggests that researchers appreciate the benefits of competition but also fear how it can emphasize prestige over quality

7 years ago

Five Ways We Could Use Altmetrics in the Next REF

Although many are excited by the possibilities for using alternative metrics to supplement research assessment, others are concerned about gaming the figures. Mike Thelwall provides his recommendations for uses of altmetrics in Britain’s national research evaluation exercises.

8 years ago

Charting the Road From Attention to Citation

Previous studies show there is low correlation between altmetrics and citation, but how do altmetrics compare to other metrics? Xianwen Wang and his colleagues recently conducted a study to answer this question.

8 years ago
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Proof Over Promise: Finding An Impact Factor for Your Career

Publishing in a high-impact journal carries the implicit promise that somehow an individual article also will be highly cited. But the proof of this logic remains unsubstantiated. How about measuring career impact more than journal impact? The authors offer one option they’ve developed.

8 years ago