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Relevance of PoliSci cover

Book Review: The Relevance of Political Science

A new collection engages directly with how political science can achieve wider relevance as a discipline. Matt Wood finds ‘The Relevance of Political Science’ a must read for any scholar interested in the impact debate and he welcomes a return to the more social constructivist ideas of impact through teaching and learning.

4 years ago
Unruly PhD cover

Book Review: The Unruly PhD

There is a greater world beyond the academia, and that it is OK to pursue alternative paths, Revecca Peabody writes in her new book about negotiating the journey to obtain a PhD and the twisting path to deploy it.

5 years ago
War on Learning cover

Book Review: The War on Learning

In The War on Learning, Elizabeth Losh analyses recent trends in post-secondary education and the rhetoric around them. In an effort to identify educational technologies that might actually work, she looks at strategies such as MOOCs, gaming subject matter and remixing pedagogy, writes Susan Marie Martin.

5 years ago
What Use is Sociology? cover

Book Review: What Use is Sociology?

This conversational book with Zygmunt Bauman looks at the usefulness of sociology with an aim to inspire future conversations about the discipline.

6 years ago

Signs of the Times

Tom Wolfe, Miami, and the shallowness of our image-driven modern life.

7 years ago
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