The Pernicious Problem of Those FIRST Steps

David Takeuchi argues that even if the FIRST act doesn’t pass, it is clear that U.S. politicians are demanding more of a say in federally funded research. While a push to ensure research remains relevant can be a good thing, scientists and politicians must not forget that initial outcomes do not constitute substantive evidence. Scientific integrity and replication shouldn’t have to be sacrificed in order to meet political time frames.

9 years ago

Whither, or Wither, Social Science at the NSF?

UPDATED: After last week’s flurry of activity in the House and with the Senate weighing in this week, where does social science stand in regard to continued U.S. government spending? The warning signs are more concerning than the current status.

9 years ago
Eric Cantor

$50 Million SBE Cut Moves Forward to the Full House

bad news for NSF funded social science — one bill wants to strip $50 million from the Social, Behavioral and Economic Science directorate, while a promised appropriations amendment would hold next year’s funding to this year’s level.

9 years ago
NSF logo

Two Visions of NSF Funding Before House This Week

The National Science Foundation, which funds the majority of university-based social science research in the United States, will see two different ideas of how its research budget should be overseen in play this week in the U.S. House of Representatives.

9 years ago
National Science Board logo

National Science Board Critical of FIRST Elements

National Science Board steps beyond its usual comfort zone to lodge a criticism of NSF re-authorization bill that would establish role for Congress in picking research funding winners and losers.

9 years ago
Cora Marrett

NSF Chief Presents Budget to House Thursday

The Executive Branch’s proposed budget for NSF in the coming fiscal year will be presented to the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday. A competing spending plan that would be markedly less friendly to social, behavioral and economic science is already circulating.

9 years ago
Daniel Lipinski

Lipinski Suggests Damage From FIRST Might Be Contained

How concerned should the social science community be about the still substantial chunk of money missing from federal social science support in a hotly contested National Science Foundation reauthorization bill? According to Daniel Lipinski, the very conservative Democratic congressman whose amendment backfilled $50 million that even more conservative Republicans wanted to take away, a lot and a little.

9 years ago
Daniel Lipinski

UPDATED: FIRST Bill Passes First Legislative Hurdle

A bill that would dramatically reduce the amount of money that the federal government spends on social science research advanced after passing in a House of Representatives subcommittee on a party-line vote this morning.

9 years ago