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Ig Nobel Aside, Our Gambling Research Was No Croc

On the surface studying how gamblers reacted to playing a poker machine while holding a live crocodile sounds, well, silly. But the goal — to learn how to get gamblers to say ‘when’ — is deadly serious business.

6 years ago

Methods in Action: Behavioral Tracking

In the first of monthly series we’re calling Methods in Action, Mark Griffiths reprises his SAGE Research Methods case study “The Use of Behavioural Tracking Methodologies in the Study of Online Gambling” to explain how he and his research partner harnessed the big data possibilities of online gambling to both assess behavior and see if ‘responsible gambling’ interventions really work.

7 years ago
Caravaggio's 'The Cardsharps'

Who Really Holds the Cards in Gambling Research?

Australian research into gambling ultimately is highly dependent on the success of gambling itself (even when it’s funded by the state). Is there any surprise that much of the research is rarely critical of the industry?

9 years ago

Poker: Game of Skill or Chance?

It’s time to settle the debate once and for all–and a study just released by “Freakonomics”  co-author Steven D. Levitt […]

11 years ago