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Marni Brown quote

The Importance of Cultural and Social Awareness in Building LGBTQI Families

Marni Brown found herself pondering, “Why does race matter in this selection process and why do lesbians, in general, want their offspring to look like them? Is the desire for our children to look like us actuality a cover-up for racially driven decisions that perpetuate inequality in already marginalized communities?”

3 years ago

Allies As Drivers of LGBTQ Inclusion

Noting the value of straight and cisgender allies in LGBTQ inclusion effort, David Glasgow describes his NYU center’s model for a three-stage process of developing allyship.

3 years ago
Mike Pence

What Trump’s Veep Choice Can Teach Us About Coalitions

A case study, drawn from Bob Graham’s new book, about how coalitions formed to reverse measures seen as anti gay — such as the religious freedom act that Mike Pence signed and then revised — is available for free here.

7 years ago