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Golden Goose awards

For 2019, Resolve to Grant Overdue Recognition

The Golden Goose Awards, which honor scientists whose research the U.S. government funded even though the initial premise may not have screamed ‘immediate application,’ is looking for a few good social scientists to honor.

4 years ago

Golden Goose Award Recognizes Implicit Bias Work

U.S. government-funded research that on its face looked only at fame, names and gender turned out to be pioneering work into implicit bias. This year a Golden Goose Award went to three researchers who developed the concept of implicit bias and then made a huge impact on popular culture by giving the world a test to measure it.

4 years ago
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Can’t Keep a Good Survey Down: Add Health

From the ashes of the aborted American Teen Survey arose one of the most important longitudinal surveys in the social and and behavioral arsenal, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health. This is a story of government spending gone terribly right!

6 years ago
Golden Goose awards

Honoring High Achievements in ‘Hypsographic Demography’

Two decades ago two curious scientists from very different fields wondered how many people live at various altitudes. Aided by federal funding, their inquiries have helped in area ranging from disaster preparedness to cancer research to fresher snack foods. Now the duo have been honored with a Golden Goose Award.

7 years ago
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Matt Owens on Obscure Research That Makes a Big Impact

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover – federal funding for odd or frivolous sounding research pays enormous societal, health, security, and economic dividends to the American taxpayer,’ argues a member of the steering committee for the Golden Goose Award.

7 years ago
Marshmallow test

Federal Funding and the Famed Marshmallow Test

Were a psychologist to win federal funding for an experiment that involved offering 3-year-olds marshmallows, it’s likely that grant would eventually be cited on the floor of the House of Representatives as yet another example of silly and wasteful spending on social science.

7 years ago
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Of Geese and Game Theory: Auctions, Airwaves – and Applications

Three economists who used federal funding to research highly theoretical work on game theory and auctions are being honored with Golden Goose Awards for the highly practical application of their work that enabled the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to auction off the nation’s telecommunications spectrum in a way that maximized fairness and efficiency in the marketplace.

8 years ago