Human Relations

Chocolate Factory

A Personal History of ‘Human Relations,’ With Chocolate

‘Henry Riley: A Personal History of Human Relations’ frames the seven decades of The Tavistock Institute’s journal ‘Human Relations’ against key moments in one man’s ordinary life and how those moments are reflected through seminal articles published in the journal.

2 years ago
Ice pond

Bringing Foundational Research in from the Cold

Just as the ice on a frozen pond may prevent us from seeing the richness in the underlying water, so may the calcifications of the most recent research blind us to what classic theorists actually said and wrote. So argue three academics in a new article about the legacy of Kurt Lewin’s change management theory.

4 years ago

The Humanities as Human Relations

Do the Humanities not have an intellectual basis as legitimate and rigorous as that of the natural and social sciences? And are not the Humanities in fact an essential part of higher education? Try considering the Humanities as a form of Human Relations.

7 years ago