Science Communication in the Age of Polarization

A study of members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science finds their politically homogeneous environment on and off the job seems to play a primary role in how they form judgments about policy issues and whether, or how, they choose to engage the public.

6 years ago
Impact crash

Is Maximizing the Impact of Research Desirable?

There is a push to demonstrate the impact of the social sciences, especially as political and funding authorities start viewing them through an immediate-payoff prism. But showing impact doesn’t always come at no cost.

6 years ago

Is Conservatism Our Default Ideology?

New research provides evidence that, when under time pressure or otherwise cognitively impaired, people are more likely to express conservative views.

9 years ago

Macromarketing Roundtable Commentary

Alan Bradshaw, University of London, and Mark Tadajewski, University of Strathclyde, published “Macromarketing Roundtable Commentary–The Export of Marketing Education” on September 20th, […]

9 years ago