Mixed Methods

Cheryl Poth on the Nexus of Methodologies

Attending a workshop conducted by John Creswell changed Cheryl Poth’s academic trajectory, confirming an earlier epiphany that purely quantitative approaches weren’t telling the whole story that methodology can reveal. A decade and half later, Poth -joined Creswell to craft a fourth edition of his venerable  “Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design.”.

1 year ago
John W. Creswell

John Creswell on the Value of the Qualitative Approach

The the Textbook & Academic Authors Association has awarded the fourth edition of “Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design” its longevity award. In recognition of that, we talk with John Creswell, who has been behind the beloved book since its debut in the 1990s.

1 year ago
John W. Creswell

Stories of Research to Reality: John W. Creswell

”Here’s the message I want to give you today: We’re all very close to research. When we gather information to understand this world that we’re in, we are gathering both numbers and statistics, and the stories of people. The research methods I do put those two together.”

4 years ago
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