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COSSA Looks at the President’s Science Budget in Depth

The Consortium of Social Science Associations has taken a good look at the budget proposed by President Trump, and finds a particular concern: the disproportionate treatment of the NSF’s Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate in the request, which would see a cut of 9.1 percent from FY 2017.

3 years ago
Catherine Cortez Masto

Senate Keeps Eye on Progress of Competitiveness Act

The focus was more on ‘competition’ than on ‘innovation’ Tuesday as the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation convened a hearing looking at the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act a year after its passage.

3 years ago
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Washington and Social Science: Back and Forth at NSF

After returning from summer recess, the House in September approved an Omnibus Appropriations Act comprised of several appropriations bills, including the Commerce-Justice-Science and Labor-Health and Human Services-Education Appropriations Act.

3 years ago
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Why Social Science? It Is in the National Interest

Congressman Daniel Lipinski says “we should encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, but we must also maintain support for core social science research.” He will moderate the congressional briefing on “Social Science Solutions for Health, Public Safety, Computing, and Other National Priorities” on Wednesday.

3 years ago
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Washington and Social Science: Slowdown for Recess

The House approved the fiscal year 2018 National Defense Authorization Act and a security “minibus” that included fiscal year 2018 appropriations for the Departments of Defense, Energy and Homeland Security.  The House departed for its August recess, while the Senate plans to stay in session for the first two weeks of August.

3 years ago

House Considers Flat Budget for NSF

Advocates want $8 billion for NSF, and President Trump wants less than $7 billion. House appropriators seem to be navigating a path through the middle.

4 years ago
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Washington and Social Science: Trump Science Cuts DOA?

On May 5, Congress finally cleared the fiscal year 2017 spending bill package, which included increases for the National Institutes of Health and flat funding for the National Science Foundation. Weeks later, President Trump unveiled his fiscal year 2018 budget, which includes sweeping cuts to NIH, NSF and federally-funded science research and education.

4 years ago
First page of Trump budget plan

NSF Escapes Attention in First Draft of Trump Budget

The first swipe at a federal budget from the Donald Trump White House does not mention the National Science Foundation, which is the largest single funder of university-based social science in the United States.

4 years ago

The How, and Who, of Federal Social Science Funding

With a large portion of social and behavioral science basic research paid for by the United States government, how the funding process works and who makes the decisions is of vital interest. Here’s a primer on the process and list of key players in the 115th Congress. Plus, sign up for a webinar on the issue!

4 years ago
Federal budget process

No Drama As 2017 Science Funding Bill Passes Key Committee Vote

Following a drama-free debut in subcommittee last week, the full Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives on a voice vote approved a 2017 funding bill for commerce, justice and science agencies in the U.S. government, including $7.4 billion for the National Science Foundation. The next step is a vote by the full House,

5 years ago