Jennifer Richeson

Jennifer Richeson on Perceptions of Racial Inequality

There is inequality in the United States, a fact most people accept and which data certainly bears out. But how bad do you think that inequality is, say, based on comparing the wealth held by the average Black person in America and the average white person?

2 years ago
Quadrant showing basics of fact-checking

Parsing Fact and Perception in Ethnography

Fact and perception are simply different categories, neither of which is necessarily more important than the other, argues Steve Lubet. . The challenge for ethnographers lies in making clear and careful distinctions between what they have actually seen and what they have only heard about.

2 years ago
Five depictions of academics in kids books

Children’s Perceptions: Teachers are Girls, Scientists are Boys

If you were to draw a ‘scientist,’ what would be the distinguishing features? Martin Rowley and James Hartley look at psychology studies which have evaluated children’s perceptions of scientists, all confirming stereotypical views of scientists as predominately white and male.

9 years ago