Political Science

Good Replication Standards Start With the Data

How can we create reliable and replicable political science data? A recent article in the ‘American Political Science Review’ focuses on text analysis and suggests ways to make these data sound and reproducible.

6 years ago

Viewing the Evolution of Social Impact Through US Political Science

What role should social scientists play in society? Louisa Hotson here explores the evolution of the social sciences through four periods in the history of political science in the United States, each with different implications for how social science makes a difference.

6 years ago

Book Review: Political Science in Motion

What are the new challenges facing political science research at the beginning of the 21st century? Political Science in Motion, edited by Ramona Coman and Jean-Frédéric Morin, explores this question through a collection of essays that traces the major trends in contemporary political science research since the end of the Cold War.

6 years ago

#WomenAlsoKnowStuff (Even About Politics)

Our goal, say the supporters of the #WomenAlsoKnowStuff database of female political scientists, is to amplify the voices of women in the discipline and in the public eye.

7 years ago
Scene from Suffragette

Suffragette – More than a Feminist Movie

With most works of art looking at the past, the real focus is the present. The new movie ‘Suffragette,’ writes Robert Dingwall, invites us to think about the consequences of political systems that are supposedly democratic but systematically exclude many voices.

7 years ago

Giving Euroscepticism an Honest Hearing

A remarkably prescient special issue of the journal ‘International Political Science Review’ examines Euroscepticism’s migration ‘from the margins to the mainstream.’ Social Science Space talks to one of the issue’s guest editors.

7 years ago
Relevance of PoliSci cover

Book Review: The Relevance of Political Science

A new collection engages directly with how political science can achieve wider relevance as a discipline. Matt Wood finds ‘The Relevance of Political Science’ a must read for any scholar interested in the impact debate and he welcomes a return to the more social constructivist ideas of impact through teaching and learning.

7 years ago