Month: November 2010

Sharing Travel Experiences

Crystal Ip, Hee “Andy” Lee and Rob Law of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University talk about their article, “Profiling The […]

13 years ago

Desk Rejections

Justin B. Craig, Bond University, Australia, and Associate Editor of Family Business Review addresses the topic of desk rejection in the […]

13 years ago

JME Podcast on Teaching Philosophies

Joy E. Beatty, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Jennifer S. A. Leigh, Nazareth College and Kathy Lund Dean, Idaho State University, talk to […]

13 years ago

Behind the Editorial Curtain

David J. Ketchen, Jr., Jeremy Short and Will Terrell give us a peek behind the editorial curtain in the recent […]

13 years ago

Knowledge Building in Teams

Joan R. Rentsch, Department of Management, The University of Tennessee, discusses an article she recently wrote with co-authors Lisa A. […]

13 years ago