Assessing a Presidential Transition: Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Year

Al S. Lovvorn and W. Earl Walker, both of The Citadel, published “Assessing a Presidential Transition: Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Year” on September 29th, 2011 in the Journal of Management Inquiry’s OnlineFirst collection. Other articles in this collection can be found here.

The abstract:

A presidential administration transition is a crucial time for establishing an effective governance style and reflects the president’s own personality. Presidents are concerned with building a coherent, cohesive team as they move from their electoral victory to implementing their vision for the country through legislative successes. A successful president displays an entrepreneurial mind-set as he proceeds throughout his 1st year to achieve early legislative victories, which establish the president as an effective president. This entrepreneurial approach requires cold-blooded politics and eschews inordinate concern for individuals, issues, and policies, and, this entrepreneurial approach is predicated on nimble governance and shrewd implementation. Nimble governance is choosing among alternative priorities, avoiding blunders, and maneuvering in the face of opposition. Shrewd implementation results in a few, carefully selected initiatives that are announced early, lobbied energetically, enacted swiftly, and executed boldly. These criteria are applied to the inaugural year of the Clinton presidency.

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