SAGE recognizes most downloaded articles 2009-2010

SAGE has published a collection of the top downloaded and cited journal articles from across its entire journals portfolio for 2009-2010. The list recognizes more than 100 articles that were the most downloaded and most cited published from 2009-2010 and the most downloaded articles from SAGE’s deep backfile. The list covers articles across 39 disciplines, reflecting the full breadth of SAGE’s publishing, from Anthropology, to Special Education, to Neuroscience and Neurology, and Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.

The collection features a number of articles from journals ranked in the recently released 2010 Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson Reuters, 2011). SAGE’s journals celebrated excellent growth in the 2010 JCR results, achieving 27% growth in the number of titles receiving Impact Factors with 385 journals now indexed. 54 SAGE journals received their first Impact Factor with the 2010 report. Both SAGE’s JCR results and this new highly downloaded/cited collection capture a broad range of the prestigious society titles published by SAGE, such as the American Psychological Science Association journals. To see the full list and read in full, visit

One of the top three most highly downloaded articles across the disciplines that SAGE publishes was from the Journal of Management.

Frederick P. Morgeson, Michigan State University, D. Scott DeRue, University of Michigan, and Elizabeth P. Karam, Michigan State University, published “Leadership in Teams: A Functional Approach to Understanding Leadership Structures and Processes” in the January 2010 issue of the Journal of Management.

The abstract:

As the use of teams has increased in organizations, research has begun to focus on the role of leadership in fostering team success. This review sought to summarize this literature and advance research and theory by focusing on leadership processes within a team and describing how team leadership can arise from four distinct sources inside and outside a team. Then, drawing from this inclusive, team-centric view of leadership, the authors describe 15 team leadership functions that help teams satisfy their critical needs and regulate their behavior in the service of goal accomplishment. This integrative view of team leadership enables the summarization of past research and identification of promising areas of future research.

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