How Can You Find Innovative Leaders?

Lauren E. McEntire, PepsiCo, and Tiffany M. Greene-Shortridge, Kenexa, published “Recruiting and Selecting Leaders for Innovation : How to Find the Right Leader” in the August 2011 issue of Advances in Developing Human Resources. To view the other articles in this special issue, please click here.

The abstract:

The problem. As organizations strive to compete in their respective markets during this time of economic recovery, human resource (HR) professionals are progressively being tasked with recruiting and selecting innovative talent to help keep their organizations ahead. This is especially true when it comes to innovative organizational leaders as they are increasingly difficult to source and select into an organization. The solution. There are a variety of strategies HR professionals should consider to ensure that their organization is able to compete for innovative leaders. In this review, we discuss several approaches for identifying and selecting innovative candidates into an organization, including best practices for organizations of all sizes and budgets. Updated recruiting strategies, behavioral assessments, behaviorally based interviews and innovation targeted succession planning are discussed. Stakeholders. This article is relevant to HR and HRD professionals who are engaged in defining or executing the recruitment and selection strategy in their organization. It will be especially important for those involved with recruiting mid- to high-level innovative leaders and professionals.

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