Month: June 2012

Textbook World

Textbooks now play a crucial role in teaching in the social sciences. Their importance is mirrored by their abundance; there is an enormous variety of textbooks on the most commonly taught subjects. The rise of the ‘textbook industry’ is not necessarily a good thing, though.

11 years ago

Poker: Game of Skill or Chance?

It’s time to settle the debate once and for all–and a study just released by “Freakonomics”  co-author Steven D. Levitt […]

11 years ago

Weekly Overview of Social Science News

Family stability more important than sexual orientation to children, the social science to social media, and more in this Weekly Overview of Social Science News.

11 years ago

Climate Change: Is It Too Late?

Editor’s note: Dr. Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Gothenburg and Visiting Chief Economist at the […]

11 years ago

Why the Stevens Op-Ed is Wrong

The claim that real politics is messier than the statistics are capable of capturing is obviously correct. But the implied corollary – that the government shouldn’t go out of its way to support it – doesn’t follow.

11 years ago