Month: June 2012

A Future for the Family Business Field

Online registration is now available for the Family Firm Institute (FFI) 2012 Annual Conference, “Family Enterprise: The Field, The Families, […]

11 years ago

What Makes Employees Stay?

The wires are abuzz with studies telling employers why their hires are leaving. But what exactly are the factors that […]

11 years ago
Avner de-Shalit

Avner de-Shalit on the Spirit of Cities

Some people have strong and visceral reactions to cities. They might love or loathe New York, or Jerusalem, or Berlin. This may have something to do with the architecture and the infrastructure of a place; it may also be a response, at some level, to the people, the culture, the politics, the way of life. Avner de-Shalit claims that some cities – not all cities but some – have a spirit.

11 years ago