Month: September 2012

Implementing Finch

Bookings are now open for a two-day Conference organised by the Academy of Social Sciences and kindly sponsored by the THE, […]

10 years ago

Gangster Anthropologist

Jorja Leap immersed herself in the culture of Los Angeles’ notorious street gangs for over 10 years, interviewing and working with hundreds of active and former gang members.

10 years ago

Social science sites of the week

This week the LibDem conference. See our blog on useful news sites and social media resources. Including the Nick Clegg […]

10 years ago

Are 401(k) Plans a Failure?

The Wall Street Journal observed this week that as baby boomers face an unemployment crisis, a growing number of younger […]

10 years ago

Don’t Take This the Wrong Way, But…

It’s inevitable: social hierarchy is a defining feature of organizations, and individuals use subtle communication behaviors to assert themselves and […]

10 years ago

American Health Care, Transformed

In the latest issue of Administrative Science Quarterly, W. Chad Carlos of Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management reviewed […]

10 years ago