Helping Students Manage Their Energy

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Getting acclimated to back-to-school season? The Journal of Management Education has good advice to help students get recharged and channel their energy toward a healthy personal and professional life. Gretchen M. Spreitzer of the University of Michigan and Traci Grant, University of Michigan alumna, published “Helping Students Manage Their Energy: Taking Their Pulse With the Energy Audit” in the April 2012 issue of JME. The abstract:

This article introduces a tool to help students learn to better manage their energy. The tool asks students to assess their energy levels for each waking hour over at least 2 days in order to identify patterns of activities associated with high energy and with depleted energy. The article describes how to use the tool in the classroom by articulating the learning objectives, providing background research on energy regulation, and debriefing student reactions. The findings from two classes of students suggest that the tool is effective in achieving its learning goals and has a longer term impact on student behavior. The article closes by discussing the challenges of energy management for students.

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