How Can Employees Find Motivation Within?

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In today’s turbulent work environment, authenticity is key to creating a climate that leads to motivation and effective performance, according to a new study in the Journal of Management:

Authentic leadership occurs when individuals enact their true selves in their role as a leader. This article examines the role of authentic followership in the previously established relationship between authentic leadership and follower in-role and extrarole performance behaviors. Consideration of followers who enact their true selves is important to understand how authentic leadership fosters follower self-determined work motivation and thus work role performance.

Hannes Leroy of KU Leuven, University of Calgary, Frederik Anseel of Ghent University, William L. Gardner of Texas Tech University, and Luc Sels of KU Leuven published “Authentic Leadership, Authentic Followership, Basic Need Satisfaction, and Work Role Performance: A Cross-Level Study” on August 27, 2012 in the Journal of Management. Click here to read on and here to learn more about the journal.

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