Organizational Trust: A Cultural Perspective

organizational_trust_reviewOrganizational Trust: A Cultural Perspective. Mark N. Saunders, Denise Skinner, Graham Dietz, Nicole Gillespie, and Roy. J. Lewicki, eds. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. 430 pp. $110.00, hardback; $48.00, paper.

Read the review by Michael W. Morris of the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University, published in Administrative Science Quarterly:

“Trust falls between hope and certainty,” is a familiar premise. But how do we develop trust in tasqhe others we transact with? Which aspects of this process are universal, and which are a function of culture, including our national, occupational, and organizational cultures? How do we transcend differences to bridge cultural divides? Given that we all have multiple cultural legacies that provide conflicting imperatives in some cases, which of these cultural facets dominate to shape our behavior? How do our multiple cultural facets interact and change over time? These important and timely questions are addressed here by an international and interdisciplinary cast of authors.

Read the full review here, and click here for more book reviews from Administrative Science Quarterly.

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