Earth Day 2013: The Present and Future of CSR Research

B&S_72ppiRGB_150pixwIn anticipation of Earth Day tomorrow, we are pleased to highlight an article in Business & Society on the impact of Newsweek magazine’s 2009 Greenest Companies ratings on financial market outcomes. This large-scale environmental assessment evaluates the impact of sustainability ratings on 500 of the largest U.S. companies. Read “Environmental Disclosure: Evidence from Newsweek’s Green Companies Rankings,’” published by Thomas P. Lyon of University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Jay P. Shimshack of Tulane University in Business & Society OnlineFirst, publish ahead of print, August 13, 2012.

In the journal Organization, a special issue on the current trajectory of Corporate Social Responsibility in both scholarly inquiry and business practice asks “Is thhome_cover[1]ere anything substantively useful in the area of CSR research when it comes to providing some ethical guidelines for the way business is done today, or should it be abandoned as just another piece of capitalist ideology? If there is an overriding feeling that we have all been some­how ‘duped’ by the premises and solutions of CSR, what might be the best way forward when its presence is more widespread now than ever?” Read “In Search of Corporate Social Responsibility: Introduction to Special Issue” published by Peter Fleming of Queen Mary College, UK, John Roberts, Sydney Business School, Australia and Christina Garsten of University of Stockholm, Sweden and the rest of the special issue in the Organization May 2013 issue.

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