How to Understand and Cope with Stress

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Stress: It’s an affliction that spares none of us at one time or another. On this second day of National Public Health Week, we look at research that aims to provide a better understanding of the individual experience of stress–in the workplace, in the classroom, and at home–and what can be done about it.

First, don’t miss the Journal of Management’s new collection of articles on Work Stress and Health. This jomEditor’s Choice collection includes “Cognitive Activation Theory of Stress: An Integrative Theoretical Approach to Work Stress” by James A. Meurs and Pamela L. Perrewé.

home-coverNext, you know you need to relax, but you can’t seem get there–do personality patterns have something to do with an individual’s ability to deal with stress? An article in SAGE Open, “Stress and Relaxation in Relation to Personality” by Harish Kumar Sharma, investigates.

home_coverFinally, the Journal of Management Education offers insightful findings for educators who want to enable their students to cope with stress–and to become better equipped to effectively manage stress in their future careers. “Effective Stress Management A Model of Emotional Intelligence, Self-Leadership, and Student Stress Coping” was published in JME by Jeffery D. Houghton, Jinpei Wu, Jeffrey L. Godwin, Christopher P. Neck, and Charles C. Manz. You can also listen to the SAGE podcast with top management educators on stress, performance, and wellness.

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