JOM Scholarly Impact Award Winners

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Today we are pleased to highlight the winners of the Journal of Management’s 2012 Scholarly Impact Award, which recognizes works that leave a lasting impact on the scholarly community and beyond.

These papers are authored by SIOP fellows and other top scholars in the field of management:

Edwin A. Locke
The Case for Inductive Theory Building
Journal of Management 2007

JOM_v38_72ppiRGB_150pixWBennett J. Tepper
Abusive Supervision in Work Organizations: Review, Synthesis, and Research Agenda
Journal of Management 2007

Daniel C. Feldman and Thomas W. H. Ng
Careers: Mobility, Embeddedness, and Success
Journal of Management 2007

Anne S. Tsui, Sushil S. Nifadkar, and Amy Yi Ou
Cross-National, Cross-Cultural Organizational Behavior Research: Advances, Gaps, and Recommendations
Journal of Management 2007

Keith G. Provan, Amy Fish, and Joerg Sydow
Interorganizational Networks at the Network Level: A Review of the Empirical Literature on Whole Networks
Journal of Management 2007

Click here to see all Editor’s Choice collections from the Journal of Management, including winners from previous years, articles of interest, topical discussions/debates, and more.

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