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What leadership issues and challenges are facing organizational scholars and practitioners right now? Find out by reading the current top five most-read articles from the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies. These papers, which cover topics including leader narcissism, ethics, employee well-being and more, are free to access through June 14 using the links below. Please share and enjoy!

JLOS_72ppiRGB_150pixWTimothy A. Jackson, John P. Meyer, and Xiao-Hua (Frank) Wang
Leadership, Commitment, and Culture: A Meta-Analysis
February 2013

Gary Yukl, Rubina Mahsud, Shahidul Hassan, and Gregory E. Prussia
An Improved Measure of Ethical Leadership
February 2013

E. Kevin Kelloway, Heidi Weigand, Margaret C. McKee, and Hari Das
Positive Leadership and Employee Well-Being
February 2013

Daniel V. Simonet and Robert P. Tett
Five Perspectives on the Leadership–Management Relationship: A Competency-Based Evaluation and Integration
May 2013

Brian J. Hoffman, Sarah E. Strang, Karl W. Kuhnert, W. Keith Campbell, Colby L. Kennedy, and Alexander C. LoPilato
Leader Narcissism and Ethical Context: Effects on Ethical Leadership and Leader Effectiveness
February 2013

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