Why We Should Be Optimistic About the Future

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It’s true that our natural environment is in peril and our planet is running out of resources. But however bleak things may seem, an article by Gioietta Kuo of the American Center for International Policy Studies and Lane Jennings of the World Future Society asserts that we all have reason to be positive about the future. The authors wrote in their article, “Achieving Happiness in a Sustainable World,” in the World Future Review June 2013 issue:

WFR_72ppiRGB_150pixWModern science offers grounds for optimism concerning human comfort and well-being in the decades ahead. Yet, forces in nature and society still threaten to create conditions of worldwide physical and economic hardship unparalleled in recorded history. If, without despairing, we accept as a working hypothesis the likelihood that resource depletion and climate change will make deep and lasting changes in Earth’s geography and traditional social order, we can still find ways to keep alive the never-fully-realized aspirations that make life worth living. Drawing examples from human history and proposing novel attitudes and values, the authors argue that human beings can indeed survive and even manage to achieve lasting happiness in a future world of greatly diminished prospects and far fewer material comforts.

Continue reading the article online in World Future Review, and see the current issue of WFR here.

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