Month: October 2013

Introducing Grace Conyers

We are thrilled to introduce to you a new blogger to the Social Science Space blogging team, Grace Conyers. We […]

6 years ago

Face, the Facts

David Canter explores psychological aspects of why hiding the face in a niqab is so significant. The recent debates about […]

6 years ago

Sociology Outside Academia

Why academics’ misunderstanding of the epistemology and politics of science is leading them to silently and uncritically support the politics of the powers that be.

6 years ago

The Ethics of Impact

Back in the summer, John Holmwood, the current BSA President, sent me an email about impact and research ethics. Various […]

6 years ago

Mental Health Measurement and the Workplace

Due to the confusion over what counts as evidence, mental health research has largely failed to make a significant impact on workplace wellbeing and employment relations practices. Elizabeth Cotton argues that in order to make a positive difference, academic research will have to involve new technologies and communication strategies aimed at helping people to improve their mental health at work.

6 years ago
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